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"Along with wounds, injuries, pain, and medical bills, slip and fall accidents bring various legal implications, especially when it comes to commercial establishments. The safety of the guests becomes a natural responsibility of the property owner, who is held responsible of any and every accident occurring on the property premises. As a victim, the guests can file a personal injury claim and you might end up paying medical bills as compensation.

If you want to stay out of such legal complications, try Sure Step by Interlake Chemicals. I did, and now I have stopped bothering about slip and fall accidents in my restaurant. Not only has it helped me get rid of dangerous possibilities of accidents caused by wet and slippery floors, it has given me a long lasting solution to treat my restaurant flooring. It works like magic by covering the floor surface and making it look just the way it has always been. Moreover, my business is not affected even for a single minute as I can start using the floor immediately after applying Sure Step.

My staff is happy, my guests are happy, and so am I. Thanks to Interlake Chemicals for producing such a great solution to this age old problem of slippery floors. No more buying wet mats and sign boards, but just Sure Step and my work is done!"

Wet and slippery floors are a threat to everyone, especially on a rainy day. Be it residential place or a commercial property slip and floor accidents are closely associated with wet and slippery floors. As soon as the floor is mopped, it poses a great danger to its users. Accidents caused due to wet and slippery floors do not just cause a lot of pain and injury to the victim's body, but might also cause heavy monetary compensation for the property owner if it is a commercial property.

In order to avoid all these complications, I used Sure Step for my bathroom and my own restaurant. After experimenting with the traditional modes of treating wet floors, and not the desired results, I tried Sure Step. Sure Step is a long lasting solution to treat wet floors, thanks to Interlake Chemicals. My floors have never been so safe till now. Moreover, I did not have to wait for a single minute to start using my floors after applying Sure Step. It surely works in a magical way without even changing the appearance of the floors. Nothing really works as Sure Step does. Trust me, try Sure Step and you will thank me later!

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